Variable Dc Power Supply 0 60v 10a | Bench DC Power Supply

What Is The Variable Dc Power Supply 0 60v 10a

Variable Dc Power Supply 0 60v 10a - For linear power supply and switching mode power supply, some form of overvoltage protection is always needed. Usually, Some small capacitor discharges are placed between the transistor gate and the ground to prevent sharp transients or RF from the power supply unit from affecting the connection of the gate and causing false triggering. By adding more protection circuits in the form of overvoltage protection in the design stage of electronic circuits, this unlikely but disastrous possibility can be avoided. As the name implies, if there is an overload, The arc suppression circuit can short-circuit the power output. This will cause the output line to be short-circuited. If it really slows down, turns off, disconnects and discharges, it is grounded here and the power supply is restored. The power will work normally. During debugging, you will extend something. This short circuit can also be used to burn fuses or other components. Cut off the power supply of the voltage regulator and protect the equipment from further damage. The transistor can be connected back to the fuse, which will melt and isolate the regulator, so it will not bear any voltage.

Variable Dc Power Supply 0 60v 10a

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