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What Is The Bench DC Power Supply 150V

Bench DC Power Supply 150V - Due to the boiling, there occurs projections of liquid water which escapes through the heating tube and penetrates through the first orifice 9 into the upper duct 8. The projected and non vaporized water is separated from the steam in the upper duct 8 and flows into the return tube 13. The lateral offset between the steam generator escape orifice 11 and the first orifice 9, producing a baffle effect, prevents the liquid water projections from passing through the steam discharge orifice 11. The steam produced in the heating tube 14 escapes directly into the upper transverse duct 8 and the steam discharge orifice 11, without passing through the liquid layer. In the embodiment shown, the return tube 13 is made from metal like the lower duct 2 and the upper duct 8, the return tube 13 being welded to both ducts so as to form a hollow one-piece assembly.

Bench DC Power Supply 150V

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